Mozambique Tourism Visa

Up-to-date Information about Visas to Mozambique (Updated September 2019)

We often get South African clients asking, "Can South Africans gets visas upon arrival," or "How much must South Africans pay for tourist visas for Mozambique." South African citizens only need to apply for visas if they plan to work or reside in Mozambique. There is no cost for SA tourists who enter Mozambique for tourism purposes.

Other nationalities that don't require visas for tourism visits of less than 30 days in Mozambique are:

- Angola

- Botswana

- Eswatini (Swaziland)

- Malawi

- Mauritius

- Namibia

- Tanzania

- Zambia

- Zimbabwe

What do I need to get a VOA (Visa on Arrival)?

You need:

1) $50 USD (notes shouldn't be older than 2013 and shouldn't be marked) or €45 (note that if you pay €45 you are unlikely to get €5 change)

2) Accommodation Reservation (Print an extra copy as they immigration will keep this for their file)

- Instead of an accommodation Reservation a Mozambican National or Resident can send a "Letter of Responsibility". This letter must be notorised and can result in more complications, the Accommodation Reservation is more efficient.

3) Onward Plane ticket (Even if you will be using a land border to leave Mozambique you should have an extra copy of your next flight showing your final onward travel

4) A valid passport that still had three empty pages and six months validity (less is required from nationals from other SADC countries however they also don't require a tourist visa)

What don't I need?

1) Passport photos are not required, your photo will be taken by the immigration official and included in your visa

2) Bank statements are not required however if you are from one of the "scrutinised" countries it could help

What other visas are there?

Many visitors prefer to have the safety of acquiring their Mozambican Visas before arriving in Mozambique. Note that if you wish to do side trips to Kruger Park, or eSwatini (Swaziland) you should get a multiple-entry visa.

If you come to Mozambique on a single entry business visa it is difficult to do a trip to Kruger or Eswatini and then return requesting a Frontier Visa. Officials rarely issue a Frontier visa (which is for tourism purposes only) to guests who already have entered Mozambique on a business visa.

Which Nationalities DON'T Require a Visa To Enter Mozambique?

Nationals of SADC countries don't require a visa if entering Mozambique for tourism purposes for less than 30 days.

We also have seen applications refused because travellers brought their accommodation reservation on their phone, and not a printed copy. The six-month validity of travellers' passports is also very important - the system simply won't allow a visa to be issued if your passport has less than six months until it expires

We have seen some (extremely rare!) applications denied but this is usually due to

What nationalities can get get VOA (Visa On Arrival) in Mozambique?

According to the latest revision to Mozambique Immigration Law all nationalities are eligible to apply for a visa upon arrival irrespective of whether they have a Mozambican Embassy or Consulate in their home country or not. In our experience having overseen dozens of experiences at land borders such as Ressano Garcia, Nama Acha, and Goba, is that European and North and South American visitors have few problems as long as they have the required documentation and they are applying for only their first or second visas. Other nationalities, such as other Africans and West Asians, are treated more rigorously.

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1) the traveller not being a genuine tourist, or

2) the traveller applying for their 3rd or 4th consecutive Tourist Visa