Maputo City Tours

Maputo City Tours

Maputo City Tour

Starting in the historic baixa this tour follows the development of this now mammoth African city. Before European settlement this marshy area was avoided by native Africans until land reclamation encouraged the city's growth. The tour takes in explains the need of what appears to be a tiny fort, the importance of the magestic CFM train station in the industrial era, and the sparkling last few decades of colonialism highlighted by stunning art-deco architecture throughout the city. Museums, parks, and souvenirs are dotted throughout this informative 3 hour tour.

When: Daily 09h00 & 14h00
Where: Hotel or residence pick-up and drop-off within Maputo City
Duration: 3 hours
Languages: English & Portuguese
Cost: from $38 per person

Maputo City Tours

Mafalala Bairro Cultural Tour

Many compare the Mafalala Bairro Tour with the Soweto tour across the border in Jo'burg - the common link being that through hardship great leaders and revolutionaries were born. Snake through these thin alleyways characterised by the famous rusted iron sheets testimony to the times where inhabitants were prohibited from building with bricks and mortar. Learn about the amazing history, the real-life, and the music and spontaneity that form the rich tapestry of this famous suburb - a suburb that produced a high proportion of the country's defining personalities, artists, sportspersons and politicians.

When: Daily 09h00 & 14h00
Where: Hotel or residence pick and drop-off within Maputo City
Duration: 2.5 hours
Languages: English and Portuguese
Cost: from $38 per person

Jane Flood Walking Tours

One of the best way to see Maputo is walking through the streets, face-to-face with all of the city's intricacies, being led by one of Jane Flood's famed guides. There is a choice of tours starting with the most popular Top Ten, to the architetural tours that include Art Deco highlights, or the amazing works of the famed Pancho Guedes. These intimate tours shows corners of living, breathing Maputo that many miss when whisked around the city in cars. Feel the rhythm, embrace the vitality, breathe Maputo's unique soul, the beautiful and the roar.

When: Daily 09h00 & 14h00
Where: Tour dependent
Duration: 2.5 hours
Languages: English and Portuguese
Cost: from $28 per person